Gpu temp too high?

I just built my new rig and i fired up cryis 2 and my gpu temps were up to 78 degrees and in the 70 degrees range while playing crysis maxed out should i be concerned about my gpu tempature? any way i can bring it down maybe some settings or something somewhere?

specs: I7 2600k,8gb ddr3 corsair vengence ,evga 560ti superclocked,asus p8z68-v pro, corsair hx 650 watt psu, antec 620 kulhar
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  1. The Fermi architecture based graphics cards are known to get pretty damn hot. It's also design to not melt even at 100 degrees.

    As you see there, at full load, it can go as high as 79, so it's not unnatural. It's actually fairly normal.
  2. oh ok thank you for the info
  3. FYI you can look into aftermarket cooling solutions if the noise level is bothering you. Or you just want to keep the temps low even if they are within manufacturer specs. Have a look here:
    or here:

    personally I'm a fan (pun intended) of using this sort of stuff for the sake of keeping my rig quieter and cooler for not that much extra in cash. :) each their own though.
  4. I can attest to the benefits of the Zalman 3000 series GPU coolers
    I put one on a GTX 470 and the temps came down an average of 30 C.
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