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So I have read a lot of posts saying you cant really upgrade an Hp Slimline and that they are pretty much worthles.. So I got to thinking about simply transferring my Slimline into a new chasis so that it wont suck as much. Does this sound like a good idea or am I simply wasting my money? I was planning on transferring my Slimline and sticking a GeForce gts 450 along with a 600 W psu. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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  1. It depends on what the components of your slim line are! If it has a micro ATX motherboard it should fit a normal tower.
  2. It does have a micro ATX and the tower will support the mb, are there any other issues that there might be with this conversion that I might have overlooked?
  3. Not really but what CPU do you have?
  4. Dual Athalon 64 X2 2.7 ghz
  5. There should be nothing stopping you to do that to extend the life of that computer.
  6. ok sweet thanks, the 600w psu isnt overkill is it?
  7. The sky is the limit if you use some imagination and some reading on the components. Some HPs have a standard ATX board, some don’t. The mix seems to be 50/50. But as long as your board is ATX you can get a cheap Case, PSU, and video card and get some pretty good frame rates.
    This is not a recommendation but I got my hands on 2 HP slim line PCs. One is a D530 P4 3.2HT with 2 gigs of ram. For $35 I put an HD3450 in it along with a clean install of Win7 32 and it makes a great HTPC/Netflix PC. It even runs valve games like portal 2 on low. It fits in the rack with a DVD player and Cable box and looks very normal. Guests don’t even know there is a PC there. I use a cheap USB wireless lap keyboard with touch pad.
    The other had no model # stickers on it but it is a Pentium Dual Core 3.4 with 4 gigs of ram. I added a low pro Sparkle 9800GT for around $100. It has been going strong now for 2 years on the original 200W PSU! It makes a great HTPC and second gaming PC.
  8. Unfortunately budget is the limit on this one, and my computer is pretty well set up in regards to RAM and processing speeds, like I said i have dual athalons, 4 gbs of RAM and the only thing lacking in order to play games the way they are meant to be is graphics related. It just sucks that my computer is so difficult to upgrade well.
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    Lenymo said:

    That card is not as good as GTS450 and this corsair CX430 would be plenty for your system with GTS450
  10. Wow Rolli59 thank you very much found the gts 450 for $70 on newegg, other one was $109. Thanks for suggesting it!
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