Using a splitter for my computer?

Hello. I have an old original xbox gamester system link hooker upper. I am attempting to use it to split a cat 5 cable in my room. If i can use that as a splitter i can have both my xbox 360 and my pc hooked up to the internet without using two really long cat5s. I know this may seem really cheap, but if i can do it this way i will save some money.

I have it up and running fine. The splitter device is several years old back from the original xbox. I am afraid it will slow down my internet on my pc because it is old and may not be able to keep up with comcast high speed. Will it slow me down?

Please help. Thanks.
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  1. Depends on the speed of the device (unfortunately I’m unfamiliar with it).

    If it's really old, it might only be 10mbps. Ethernet is never 100% efficient, so let's assume the best you could get is 8mbps. And your ISP is providing more than 8mbps, you'll lose some bandwidth.

    Easy enough to test. Just visit and see what your download speed is, then compare it to what your ISP is supposed to be providing.

    Frankly, any cheap $5-10 switch, or even an old router from a friend, the local thrift store, etc., would just be better and more reliable. I can’t see how you’re saving all that much money. But that’s your call.
  2. Yah i have a 400 dollar switch laying around somewhere. I dont feel like running it just to split this thing though. Im actually trying to get rid of my adtran nevanta 1224r 400$ switch. Do you know where i could sell this? ebay didnt work.

    Thanks for the advice.
  3. If you've got Comcast cable service. You probably have a regular modem. In order to share the internet, you need a router. Sorry I too am not familiar with "original xbox gamester system link hooker upper".

    To share the internet an un-managed switch will not work either. Get a cheap router instead.
  4. Lol. I have a router. It has 4 ports. the four ports are taken up. So I am splitting one.... Understand? I can already tell you it works. I just was wandering if it would slow me down.
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