New RAM added, became unbootable and hearing long beeps

Hello everyone,

I had a machine with X58A-UD3R mobo, i7 950, GTS450, 4GB of RAM(2 sticks of 2GB 1333MHZ). And today I bought two new sticks of 4GB 1333mhz RAM and would like to add them into the mobo.

Background info to note:
1. Just a little bit background info, my mobo has six memory slots, from the left to right they are DDR3_2, 1, 4, 3, 6, 5.
So 1 and 2 belongs to channel 0; 3 and 4 belongs to channel 1; 5 and 6 belongs to channel 2.
2. All RAM sticks I'm using on this machine are from Kingston, is DDR3 and is 1333MHZ.
3. Before I install 2 sticks of new RAM(each stick 4GB) to it, I had one stick of 2GB 1333MHZ RAM on each slot DDR3_1 and 3. And I was able to boot up the machine.

Here are the steps I have done and what has been discovered by me:
1. Take out two sticks of 4GB 1333MHZ from the packet.
2. Put each of them into slots DDR3_2 and 4.
3. Hook up the power, turns it on and found that the machine would not boot. The power is on and the fans kicks on but the screen has no signal. Also long beeps from it are heard. It is repeating a cycle that it beeps for quite a few long seconds then stop beeping for a few short seconds, this cycle keeps repeating if you don't power the machine off.
4. Take out the new RAM from slots DDR3_2 and 4. And the machine does boot!
5. Try Put back one stick of 4GB 1333mhz into slot DDR3_2, and it would not boot.
6. Reset CMOS by pressing the CMOS reset button from the back, and it still won't boot.

What should I do? I have made sure that it's securely locked in to the slot. this is kind of frustrating for me...

Thank you very much! I really appreciate any help or ideas or suggestions from you!
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  1. Update: it can boot up if I have one stick of 2GB on slot 1 and one stick of 4GB on slot 3.
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