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Need help about gtx 460 768mb?

I play games at res 1360x768.I have a 450W PSU and my system is not very power hungry.I was looking to buy a gtx 460 768mb but I found that it has two six pin slots in it.I was surprised because usually other mid range ones have only one.So here is the first question-
Does it really need two six pin connectors?
I have only two 4 pin molex connectors and i was thinking of using a 2 4pin to 6pin adapter.But this new thing has really confused me.Here is the second ques-
If it requires two six pin connectors ,then is there any way to connect it without having to change my PSU.
I really dont want to change PSU because it will be out of budget and if i have to do it, perhaps I would have to settle for a 5770 or 5750.
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  1. reply please
  2. lol. don't bump your thread if you don't want it to get lock by the mod. can you specify the exact model of your PSU?
  3. I have an Intex PSU 450W.Following are the things written on its label-
    Power supply smart IT 2045S+
    450 Watt 20+4pin 1SATA 3HDD 1FDD 1FAN
    AC Input- 220V 50HZ5A
    DC Output-33V 30A+5V 29A+12V 1BA
    12V 0.5A +5VSB:2A
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    did some research on your PSU but i can't find info on your exact model but i do find this:

    from the tech spec the PSU only have 20A on the 12v rail. for the GTX460 most vendor recommend PSU that have at least 24A on the 12v rail. assuming your PSU was quite similar to this then you can't run GTX460 with it.
  5. If it is not well known or worse notorious for low quality then you need to buy a new psu.
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  7. While not as fast as the GTX460, the 5770 is around the speed of the GTX260. Meaning its no slouch. You won't be maxing out modern games, but you shouldn't have issues playing them.
  8. Is my PSU compatible with 5770?
  9. You'd be better off with the 5750. The 5770 would probably work, but with a junk PSU there is no way to be sure.
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