32nm Intel Cedartrail

Intel is gearing up to introduce its first Cedar Trail motherboards and European retailers are already listing 11 motherboards based on the new chips.

The boards are based on new Cedarview chips, Intel’s first 32nm Atoms. The new manufacturing process results in a pretty modest 10W TDP and a compact 22mm x 22mm package. Intel also chose to go for a third-party graphics solution, courtesy of PowerVR. The SGX 545 core is said to deliver a two-fold performance boost over earlier Atoms, but some driver issues with DirectX support still persist. In addition, new Atom parts feature a new video engine and new display controller with HDMI 1.3a support.

As far as the motherboards are concerned, Intel is offering a wide variety of choices, with 11 distinct SKUs, but we still don’t have the exact spec for each of them. Prices start at €56 for the cheapest D2500HN variant with a 1.86GHz processor, while the priciest D2700DC Canoe Creek board will set you back €75, but it’s based on a 2.13GHz Atom 2700.

Five of the new boards are based on faster 2.13GHz parts, while six feature 1.86GHz processors. Retailers hope they will start shipping them within a couple of weeks.

Source: http://www.fudzilla.com/motherboard/item/24643-intel-readies-dozen-cedar-trail-motherboards

If this is true, I would love to see the benchmarks. We may finally see the end of IGPs that can't be used for as little as video playback.
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  1. When they say SGX 545 core
    that is not an aftermarket Nvidia GT 545 is it?
  2. It's a PowerVR chip.

    PowerVP normally makes GPUs for phones and stuff.
  3. Either that or buy a xbox
  4. Why would you even want to consider gaming on an Intel Atom? I'm interested in using it as a work/production/file server.
  5. I heard of the possibility of a Atom version of Xeon
    something like a dual core Atom (HT?) that can run on a multi
    socket mobo

    the idea of 4 x Atom dual core with HT
    or 16 threads being processed
    under 100w TDP for all four

    that would be awesome
  6. Won't have all those enterprise features tho, so the usage is limited.

    Still very interesting CPU.
  7. I got this from that reliable source Wikipedia LOL

    Third generation cores

    [edit] Cedar Trail-M microprocessor

    Cedar Trail-M release was delayed from September to November 2011 because the platform has encountered some graphics driver issues and has not yet passed certification for Windows 7.

    The Cedar Trail-M platform will include two new CPUs, 32nm-based Atom N2800 (1.86GHz) and N2600 (1.6GHz), priced at US$47 and US$42, and will replace the existing Atom N475 and N455. The CPUs will also feature an integrated GPU that supports DirectX 10.1 technology. The platform will also adopt the existing NM10 chipsets for southbridge capability

    In addition to the netbook platform, Intel's new CPUs, Atom D2700 (US$52) and D2500 (US$42), for nettops was released 25 September 2011.[49]

    [edit] Silvermont microarchitecture

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    [edit] Future

    Intel will release their next-generation "Cedar Trail" platform based on 32 nm process technology in the fourth quarter of 2011.[48] Intel states that it "will feature improvements in graphics capabilities including Blu-ray 2.0 support, a dedicated media engine for full 1080p playback and additional digital display options including HDMI output and DisplayPort. New features will include Intel® Wireless Music, Intel® Wireless Display, PC Synch and Fast Boot. In addition, the enhancements made in power consumption and TDP will enable fanless designs with longer battery life."

    [edit] CPU-releases

    According to Intel spokeswoman Suzy Ramirez, speaking to CNET in June 2011[50], Intel has the following release plans:
    2012 (first half): Medfield - 32 nm. Unlike todays Intel Atom-CPUs it will be a SoC - System on Chip.
    2012 (second half): Clover Trail - 32 nm.
    2013 : Silvermont - 22 nm.
    2014 : Airmont (codename) - 14 nm.

    I could of sworn I saw some mention of a Xeon based on that architecture
    but I googled and cant find it

    but an Atom based Xeon would be interesting
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