Super high CPU temp!

Its been 2 weeks since my comp started randomly shutting down without any warning (like someone pulled the plug from the wall)!
But 2 days ago i started HW monitor just to check out some stuff when i noticed the 90 C temperature.

Opened up the case and came to know the CPU stock cooler fan is throwing out cold air :| Touched the CPU and it was damn hot..

I tried cleaning the heat-sink but it still didn't help.....temp rises to around 90 C in just 4-5 minutes after turning on the PC...

Googled a bit and its all buy a new heat-sink/thermal compound/case with more fans etc etc and I'm damn confused on what to buy

Plus last week was diwali(an Indian fest) and i blew all my money in shopping etc and my budget is really tight

So...Any suggestions?

Thank you!

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  1. 1. Try re-seating the CPU and heat sink properly. Did you do some cleaning or something recently?

    2. Get a Thermal paste and apply it and see if the temps drop.

    3. Get a CPU Cooler.
  2. heat is not being transfered from your cpu to the heatsink, maybe the clamps are damaged.
  3. The clamps are fine....the heatsink fits normally on the CPU (cleaned it and installed it once again)

    And arctic silver 5 is not available's Arctic cooling MX-2 thermal compound as an alternative??
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