Weird graphic card problem..! :(

Hello, I will try to explain my problem the best I can...!
I have an nvidia 8600gt (512mb) for the last 2-3 years. About a week back my computer stopped working. I opened up the cabinet and discovered that 4 capacitors on my graphic card had been burst. So i got them replaced. It worked then, but whenever i tried playing any game, it worked fine for some seconds, then slowed down a lot, then again came back to normal speed. This happened with every game i tried. Even ones like NFS:MW. I tried the card in one of my friend's pc, and had the same result. ALSO, the fan on the back is fiddly as one of its joint is broken, but its just a joint and i don't think it makes a difference. Can someone please tell me whats wrong here..? Any help would be appreciated. THanks!
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  1. Could someone help me please..? :)
  2. The card is obviously dead from having capacitors blown. I would have just replaced it then, but I guess its worth a shot. The card isn't functioning correctly now, you're going to need to get a new one.
  3. okk then... what would be the best cheap option for me? for my gaming needs?
  4. What's your budget, roughly, and how much performance do you need? What kind of games do you play, resolution etc?
  5. I need a quite cheap one, will radeon 5570 show noticeable improvements over this one (if any)?
  6. anyone..?
  7. a 5570 will be better yes. a gt 240 would be another option that is priced similarly but is a bit more powerful than 5570. Newer ATI cards can have some compatability issues with older motherboards, i would go with the gt 240.
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