Is this RAM setup ok?

Hi guys,

I just finished up building a new computer for my wife, and everything is new except for the RAM. For the RAM, I used some that I had on hand since it seemed to be pretty decent.

Is this RAM set up ok?

Slot 1: empty
Slot 2: 2G of DDR3 @ 1333
Slot 3: empty
Slot 4: 4G of DDR3 @ 1333
Slot 5: empty
Slot 6: 4G of DDR3 @ 1333
Slot 7: empty
Slot 8: 2G of DDR4 @ 1333

Her computer/mobo is:

i7 3820
Asus p9 x79 mobo

For the choice of slots, I followed the mobo instructions on which slots to use if I was only putting in four chips. Something in the back of my mind is telling me though, that I should not be mixing 2s and 4s like that. I thought I also remember seeing something about using either 8G or 16G, but not 12G. Also hadn't noticed that I installed it as 2,4,4,2 until I ran cpu-z, and I'm not sure if that is incorrect either.

I know very little about ram except to ensure that it fits in the slot. Any comments on this set up?
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  1. Like this.

  2. Well, that IS a lovely build - very nice n clean.
    Not sure it helps with my question, but thank you for sharing lol.
  3. That's the same mobo with 4 sticks.
  4. Now I see that u have 2 different RAM sets. Why?

    Its not recommended.

    Most likely it will not run in the quad or dual channel, but in single channel.
  5. Yes the RAM is 4,8,16,32,64GB.

    12GB would be for triple channel x58.

    This is quad channel, but it needs 4 sticks and the must be the same.
  6. Yup. I have four sticks in too, same slots ( per the Asus manual ).

    What I'm trying to figure out though, are the following questions:

    1) Am I ok to mix and match 4g with 2g, or does it compromise performance?
    2) If I am ok to mix n match, does it matter what order to put the 2s and 4s in, or am I ok so long as they are in the recommended 4 slot config?
    3) Is 12g total ok with this setup, or does it prefer 8g, 16, 32, and 64 totals?

    I"m pretty sure I'm ok to have 2s and 4s mixed. I'm less certain about item 3) though ...
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