HELP! BIOS over / underclocking?

Hi, i have a problem... I have just completed a new-build with the following;

i5 3470 quad core 6mb - 3.2GHZ / Corsair 2x4GB 1600MHZ DDR3 / SSD 90GB 6GPS / Gigabite GA-Z77-DS3H.

Everything seems to be running OK, But the BIOS indicated speeds are way-way off, it tells me that;

CPU = 3632.77 Mhz (but isnt this the same as running at 3.632 Ghz?)

Memory = 1345 Mhz (but this is in the 1333mhz range, not the 1600mhz i expected)

Does anyone know why my bios readings have WAY overclocked the readout for my CPU and WAY underclocked my memory?

Im worried as it all new to me really, and that the CPU will burn out / and or i wont get the best from my memory chips. I could imagine such readings if i have played around in the settings, but this has just ben a PLUG AND PLAY set up, and this is what i got...

Can anyone shed some light??

Many thanks

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  1. Try reset bios to default.
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