What fps will i get with hd 5770 and core 2 duo in crysis, gta iv mafi

m plannig to buy a hd 5770 to play these games crysis, gta iv n mafia 2 on good settings ....what do u think my fps would be when settings are all high and resolution 1440 x 900 can be compromised to 1280 x 1024 ....???
do consider my cpu and ram

core 2 duo e7400 2.8ghz
3gb ddr2
hdd 320gb..
ill play gta iv on medium bcoz it sucks the cpu..;\ so plz tell will i get 30+ fps in these games??????????
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  1. quite easily.I own a gtx 275 and I get 30+ fps on all games at resolution of 1680X1050 at max or near max seetings.your card will easiliy max crysis and crysis 2 at 1440X900 as its a gpu dependant games.you may have problems with mafia 2 and especially gta 4 as they are highly cpu dependant.Although considering all games you should be able to run them all at medium-high settings easily
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