A8-3850 is already a gaming cpu+gpu?

will i need to install another gpu to play games
OR is already built in? already to go

games I play are:

warrock, warcraft III, Heroes of newearth, silkroad, dragonest, COD MW4,6 COD 5, 7

at 1366x768
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  1. You wont be maxing out games but they'll play. Take a look at the review. COD games should be ok with a few things on medium detail. HoN should be ok. dont know about the others.

  2. Well, the A8-3850 is a cpu/gpu combo. The gpu is rated a 6550, so it is mid-range at best. I think it would play all those games, but you will not be able to play on high or ultra settings on at least half of them. If you want, you can get another 6570 to crossfire with an appropriate FM1 MoBo. Here is one i found:


    This will be able to provide you with High settings on at least most of those games. Keep AA and Uber Sampling to a minimum, or off.

    I am using that cpu/gpu combo for lan pc's in my house. very good chipset!
  3. If I remember correctly, hybrid crossfire will work with up to a Radeon HD 6670. How powerful will the Radeon HD 6550 + Radeon HD 6670 be? Don't know, I have not seen any benchmarks.

    Anything faster than the HD 6670 will automatically disable hybrid crossfire. Probably due to the Radeon HD 6550 slowing down faster video cards. Obviously hybrid crossfire will not work with nVidia cards.
  4. In terms of playing games, the A8-3850 makes a decent affordable gaming solution.

    I've noticed that you listed a resolution of 1366x768 so I will assume you will be buying a laptop. If so then, you will not be able to install a discrete video card later on to take advantage of hybrid crossfire.
  5. ^ Good Spot jaguarskx!
  6. There are several manufacturers making Llano based laptops. HP have new pavilion and probook models available. Im pretty sure that Toshiba and Asus do too.

    Several of the HP models can be bought with or without a discreate graphics card. Whether this means you would have the option of adding a card to an existing machine or upgrading the card to a better model in the future remains to be seen,

    I suppose it depeneds on if HP's "discreate" graphics card really is a card or just a section of the motherboard.

    On the HP store site in th USA you can customise HP laptops with faster AMD A series chips, better graphics cards plus the stand memory and storage options. These custom machine typlcally have a two week delivery time and cost a bit much, but give the indication that the cpu chips are not soldered to the motherboards, and that the discreate video cards really are seperate modules.
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