CORSAIR Vengeance LP 16GB (2 x 8GB) vs. (4 x4GB)

I was curious what the difference was between getting 2 x 8GB sticks, and 4 x 4 GB sticks?

I am building a video editing / gaming rig, and my last pieces to the puzzle are RAM and a MOBO. I'm currently have the i7-3770K CPU, and I just wanted to ask the experts here what motherboard and ram set I should get. I may plan on over-clocking someday, hence I got a nice heatsink fan, and I was worried about the high-profile CORSAIR memory butting up against the heatsink.

Are there any issues with just using 2 x 8GB sticks, and having 2 slots empty? Do certain MOBO's have issues with this configuration?
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  1. Simply speaking of 16GB 2x8GB (8GB/stick) is more problematic than 4x4GB, but if you need eventually 32GB then a 2x8GB is the only viable path. It's a density issue and hopefully newer IC's will address this problem.
  2. I thought the fewer sticks of ram you had the easier it was to overclock. Is that wrong? What problem is created from using the fewer sticks. All you said was its a density issue. I have no idea what that is suppose to mean.
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