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In my windows 7 installment it gives the error: driver not signed. I need this RAID-driver to be signed for x64. How can i sign a driver. It is the GIGABYTE SATA2 RAID Driver.
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  1. Spent the last half hour Googling for the best answer to your situation and here is what I found.

    Here's how to install Windows 7 using unsigned drivers:

    Copy your unsigned driver to USB stick or other media (you will probably need only one .inf and a .sys file)
    Start Windows 7 setup.
    At this point, Do Not Select 'Install' as your RAID controller will not be detected if it's not supported by Win7
    Click 'Repair'.
    Wait for the pseudo-scanner to finish.
    Click load driver.
    Point to your unsigned driver (the .inf file) you previously copied to USB stick or other media.
    Wait again for the pseudo-scanner to finish.
    Click the 'x' in the corner to close the repair mode.
    Click 'Install' to start the installation.
    Now your RAID controller and RAID Drives will be detected and there will be no warning of unsigned drivers.

    Everything should proceed just fine from this point on.
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