Do I need a graphics card? Asus P8B-E/4L and i3 2120

Hi, I'm planning on building a simple server for home use. I want to use the server for storing a lot of data, which means lots of disks, therefore I have selected this MB. Asus P8B-E/4L I asked something earlier today, about connecting the HHD's, but someone said something about the mobo conflicting with the processor ( the i3 2120 ).

He said the following: Rest of the system looks good except the CPU and that board, you will have to add a video card as the motherboard does not support the CPU onboard graphics, see here: link

my reaction and question for this thread:
I'm confused, I always thought that when a board has connectors for monitors (vga, dvi, hdmi), it has a onboard video card. Isn't this the case here? I plan on accessing the server via rdp or vnc or something (not decided yet) so I only need to connect a monitor once, for the installation.

other thread here: Connecting 10 HHD's to Seasonic X-400 FL

ps. If someone knows of a (better) MB that has more than 10 sata connections (or a totally different solution) please let me know.
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  1. cant anyone answer this ?
  2. Its got on board graphics -

    Aspeed AST2050 with 16MB VRAM
  3. captainblacko said:
    Its got on board graphics -

    Aspeed AST2050 with 16MB VRAM

    That means I can connect a monitor without needing a video card right? Dispite the fact that this site says this about the cpu I plan to use: Not Support the Integrated Graphics Controller
  4. Thats right. Its got a VGA port for a monitor connection.
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