New Build - Replace 8800GT with a gtx 465 or 480

Just purchased a core i7 2600k with a ASUS P8P67 MB and 16gb ram. The psu a is cooler master GX 750 and the cpu fan is a corsair hydro h50.

I'm currently running a core2 quad with 16gbram and a Palit 8800GT 512mb card. I rarely play games, but when I do they're RPG stlye. Oblivion, DA2 and AC2 are the latest I've played.

I'm debating on whether or not it's worth the video card upgrade or not for as little as I play games. I'm thinking that playing some of the 3d movies or maybe a game or 2 in 1080p may be an option as well.

Fry's has the PNY GTX465 for $119 after rebate so thinking of getting two, flashing to 470s. That or should I just go with the PNY GTX 480 for $229

Not sure if I even need a SLI setup, but fiugre sooner or later I'll take advantage of it. May as well get both cards at once or I will never take the time to buy the 2nd one

Any input is appreciated
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  1. I wouldn't get any of the GF100 series, damn heat machines.

    If you really don't play games that much I think a GTX 560 non-ti would be a good choice.

    However why don't you just use the 8800GT? I mean, unless you're not happy with it there is no point in upgrading. Regardless around the 200-240 dollar range that it seems you are looking at I would get a GTX 560, or a 6950 2GB and unlock it to a 6970 this would probably be the best option in your price range at least bang for your buck, but I'm thinking you don't need anything that powerful, or even as powerful as a GTX 560 judging by what you said.
  2. I would skip both cards personally. For about 230-240 that your looking, a gtx560 ti or amd 6950 would do you very nicely, especially for the resolution and type of game your have listed.
  3. Thanks guys, I ended up with a MSI 560 TI. Amazon had it for 249.
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