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Kernel Processor Power (Error ID 37 in event viewer)

I am getting The errors like below in event viewer.

The speed of processor 0 in group 0 is being limited by system firmware. The processor has been in this reduced performance state for 2 seconds since the last report.

I have searched on internet and I have updated my all drivers and I have updated my BIOS version also. Still I am getting this error within 2 hours. I have monitored my cpu's temperature using Open Hardware Monitor. Temperature reaches uptill 105 degree and after some time my laptop suddenly shuts down.

Can anyone give me solution for this one, this error and sudden shutdown problem I am getting since last one week only.

How to find out that my heat sink is working properly or not?
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  1. did you clean the fan with compressed air can to reduce the temp shutting because overheathing
  2. No,
    So are you sure that this error is comming because of over heating?
    From where can I buy that air can? And is it possible to clean up dell inspiron 15R laptop's can?

    Thanks for valuable reply.
  3. by cleaning the fan you will sse if overheathing stop ,computer store sell compressed air can
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    105c is pretty high. And it says its reducing performance, probably to cool down. It does depend on your exact CPU though.

    The first gen Core i3s can go to 90c for PGA or 105c for BGA before throttling. The first gen Core i5s can go to 105c.

    The second gen Core i3s can go to 85c for PGA and 100c for BGA. The second gen Core i5s can go to 100c.

    Unfortunatley Dell has multiple 15Rs, ones with Core i3 and i5s from both first and second generation.

    Your laptop is throttling the CPU to cool it down then shutting down to keep it from being damaged. Its a feature in all modern CPUs.

    Still thats very high. All laptops have whats called a fan assembly. It is normally heatpipes that go to a fin heatsink with a small fan in the middle. The fan spins and pulls air in one way and pushes it out the other way. If its caked with dust, it wont have good air flow. If the fan does not work at all, it would not work properly at all.

    You can buy cans of compressed air pretty much anywhere, Walgreens, CVS, Target etc for about $5 bucks. The bottom, side and back should have holes/slots that you can blow the air into to help remove dust. Do that then when your laptop is on, check to see if the fan is working.
  5. So, is it possible to clean the dust without opening the laptop? like, can I force the air from the place from where the laptop is sucking the air? will it work?
    And thank you very much for your reply JimmySmitty
  6. yes send air to the inlet and the fan with laptop working will help you push dust out
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