Why do companies like asus, asrock, foxconn, &c have such bad english?

i know they are from countries where english is not widely spoken, but the incorrect grammar and strange superlatives they use seems kinda puzzling considering they have such huge operations in the US and europe...don't they have staff here in the US that copyedits their documentation and advertising?

also, on a side note, can they stop using cheesy product names? i do not want to hear about another MEGAgamer Supreme Marshal Pwnage [insert chipset name here] 3.0 Edition FTW motherboard...things are better now with regard to that, but i still see it and it bothers the hell out of me, like it treats all gamers like 14 year olds...just my two cents
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  1. Because they are a bunch of hardware engineers, not English majors...

    I agree with the names though, sometimes it is pretty annoying.
  2. I'm with you, it feels silly buying products with those names. Maybe they need it to differentiate products in a market that is all about numbers and specs, maybe through a little emotional phrasing in there too?
  3. As if cpu makers are any different. Bulldozer????? Pile driver???? Sounds more like a cage match somewhere!!!!
  4. These are all marketing concerns. If there is one thing that companies love to cut more than about anything else it is the marketing budget.
  5. Bulldozer and Piledriver are both heavy construction machinery. Both names are meant to give a sense of power, just as the Bulldozer can easily move large amounts of dirt / rock, the chip is supposed to do massive amounts of simultaneous calculations.

    Those names are better than some I have heard of. Such as Llano, Pentium, Fermi, Ivy-Bridge....
  6. Why does your post lack proper capitalization? :P
  7. +1 ^ :P
  8. @Finneous, I'm guessing your an American member? :P
    I actually find Engrish manuals hilarious,

    **Thank to you for buy these wonderhappy supergood computer (P.C. house computer for)!!!!!
    many for the years to happy be for purchase to you, guarantee!!
    for the box to having:
    1: Jxiangshlong desktop for power to you
    2: Manual paper to learn for the things importants (keep to safe place in next 5 years)
    3: Plug cable the wall to insert
    4: You paper to guarantee registrar for completion soon

    Again friend to thank for buy these product of Jxiangshlong
    for ever to win much!!!!

    They crack me right up :P
  9. Fine, capitalisation. It's Google Chrome, it doesn't like British spelling - it is now underlining that word in red which bothers me, forcing me to use the American spelling :( Maybe I need to uninstall and try downloading it from google.co.uk?

    I wish all manuals were that enthusiastic, "wonderhappy supergood" makes me smile :lol:
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