First boot, first build assistance.

This is my first time building. I finished assembling everything and I think it's ready for the first boot up. However, I'm doing this alone with nothing but my own knowledge and the internet so I'm a bit nervous.
- Are there any precautions is should take before I apply power to the system? Should the monitor be connected to the graphics card or the motherboard?


Case - Silverstone SG03-F
CPU - Core i7 2600
GPU - EVGA 560 ti
RAM - G Skill Ripjaw 4GB (x2)
Mobo - Biostar TH67B
PSU - Corsair GS600
HDD - WD Black 1TB
ODD - HP Multiformat DVD Writer
I will be installing Windows 7 Home Premium 64 Bit Retail.
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    Yes, you should spend the time to watch these three videos:

    If you are confident you installed everything correctly, skip to part 3. Good luck!
  2. The latch on the processor took a little bit of force to secure, this is normal?
  3. no...the processor should drop right in according to the marks on the side (they should line up) and then just pull the latch down.

    Any force during the processor install could damage the pins. Does your comp boot up?

    Check out the videos...they are the best visual how to install comp guides I have come across.
  4. It takes a little bit of force to push the lever down but chillin15 is right in that too much is not normal. Since you haven't built before it could be hard for you to gauge exactly how much is too much....I'm sure you're just being cautious.

    As long as the CPU dropped in without force and it aligned with the corresponding marks, you are fine.
  5. Well, whatever I did, it worked! I'm absolutely amazed at how easy it was to install windows 7. Thank you for all your help.
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