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Hey guys just built a new pc (this one being my first) and was hoping i could just some opinions of it and any ideas on how i can make it better.
The specs are:
Cooler Master HAF 932 Full Tower Case
EVGA Intel x58 LGA 1366 3way sli Motherboard
Intel i7-950 3.06 CPU
Thermaltake Spinq VT Heatsink
EVGA 9800GTX+ (2way sli) Video cards
Corsair Dominator Ram 6GB (3x2)
Thermaltake 750w Power Supply
WD Black 500GB Harddrive
ASUS DVD/CD combo drive
Rocketfish 75-in-1 Card Reader
NZXT USB Expander
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    an gpu's. that system is very good already. also maybe try overclocking. how much do you have to spend
  2. I dont need to spend anything this is just a funny try at home building... im up to $1300 atm with still needing a OS...Im planing on overclocking as soon as i find a good stability program and a good guide being that this will be my first time try to overclock. but wat GPU's do u recommend?
  3. for your psu .. 2 560 ti's or 2 6950 2gb's
  4. Those wil have to be a future upgrade cuz either one of those combos equals about half of my overall build cost and i am goin to have to pay for college semester soon.
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