GTX 560Ti@ Gigabyte @900MHz vs. MSI Twin Frozr II @880MHz

Simple question really. Which version of the GTX 560Ti should I get: Gigabyte (900MHz) or MSI Twin FrozR II?

The Gigabyte is clocked a little higher but from what I read both cards will more than likely overclock to ~950MHz anyway. I'm leaning towards the MSI seeing as it's a bit cheaper and the cards seem pretty similar. Is there any reason I should go for the Gigabyte instead?

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  1. I'd get the MSI since its cheaper, and I prefer MSIs quality. Gigabytes is good, but IMO ASUS, Evga, and MSI makes the best stuff :)

    The real reason is the price though. You'll get 925-950 out of either one.
  2. Gigabyte only problems and a dead card a few months later trust me get any thing else except for palit.
  3. ^Anecdotal DOAs are not a reason to avoid a company. Stuff like that just happens, no matter where it's from.
  4. Every OEM, even the best has failures. Kajabala is right, don't go by an anectdote unless the OEM becomes known for its poor product. Pallit has a rep as a bad OEM, but I have not seen anything recent on their bad product. They are still in business, So from this I conclude that there are no reports here about bad Pallit, because (1) they got their act together, (2) nobody here is buying their product or (3) nobody here is reporting bad Pallit product. I really have no idea.

    ASUS and MSI have good reps but their failure rate is not 0. Buy a product with a good rep, but you might be missing on a bargain from another OEM,

    In this case I would give you my opinion that MSI is the better choice, But opinions are like assholes, everyone has one and some are very smelly.
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