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I am running an AMD Phenom II x4 965 BE @ stock, and today i replaced the stock cooler with an ASUS Axe Square and also using Arctic Silver 5. It was my first time doing this and all seems to of gone well. Previously i know under load the temps were roughly 57ºC, but i am unsure of the idle temp. Since making the change the idle temp is roughly 37ºC and load 47ºC, i would just like someones opinion with greater knowledge of this if these temps sound ok and kind of what i should be expecting from the setup.

Thank you.
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  1. 37 idle is a bit high but 47 under load is decent compared to others and good compared to your idle temp. Do you have cool n quiet on in the bios and I assumed these are not overclocked temps. If you are OC'd then yes these are good.
  2. No overclocking at all, also i am unsure if i have cool n quiet enabled but i will check, could you please advise me on whether i should or not so i can adjust it correctly if needs be when i do, thank you.
  3. it depends on how you use your pc, if you are the kind that leave it on, unattended or not doing much then I would enable it. If you are usually always on it when its on then I would leave it disabled.
  4. Checked this morning and cool n quiet is disabled.
  5. The temps are fine.
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