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Hello, its come time for me to scrap my old pc and build a new one. I have not been able to really follow whats come out in the last 4 yrs because of work. I was wondering if you guys could give me any ideas. Basically I need to get a new MOBO, CPU, MEM and GPU (maybe case) but its really the last 4 could you help with. I was thinking with going with intel i7-3770K Ivy Bridge CPU and when doing homework on this sits in an article it said "while we generally recommend against purchasing any gaming CPU that retails for more than $220 from a value point of view (sink that money into graphics and the motherboard instead) CPUs priced over $230 offer rapidly diminishing returns when it comes to game performance. As such, we have a hard time recommending anything more expensive than the Core i5-3570K, especially since this multiplier-unlocked processor can be over clocked to great effect if more performance is desired. Even at stock clocks, it meets or beats the $1000 Core i7-990X Extreme Edition when it comes to gaming." which has left me surprised

On top of that I discovered some company called Lucid and I just dont get what they do. Would they help the build in GPU and the purchased GPU run faster? or am I missing something. I need to get this resolved before I go to MOBO then MEM is easy. Last hard part will be GPU, have been buying Nvidia for a while now, currently have GTX 285. Would really love to hear your recommendations and if someone could please explain the lucid thing I’d really be grateful.

Thanks for any help,

P.S. have also used Asus for a while as well now have p6t and cant complain, thus I think I'd like another Asus MOBO unless you guys know of something way better bang for the buck.
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  1. I think you would be fine building your own.

    Fill out this form and it should help the forum lend you advice.

    We can't really advise without having more information.

    What is the purpose of this build?
    How much money are you wanting to spend?
    What resolution monitor(s) will you have?

    If you just want to game you would be better served with a Core I-5 processor instead of a Core I-7. The I-5 runs as fast or faster in games. However in CAD the I-7 is the CPU of choice.

    Right now the HD7850 and the GTX470 are the best bang for the buck cards in their respective price ranges.
  2. oops double post...
  3. Hey mate after much research I decided on the following as i'm jus building a new PC at the moment. I went for an i7 3770k although for the extra price some may deem the i5 better value. I found that it performed better for bf3 in benchmarks and had the budget so thought why not as I was building this for bf3. I also went for a gigabyte UDH5 mobo thinking this was a better option over the much more expensive gigabyte sniper 3 mobo however this could have been a mistake as I am struggling now to get the most out the 2133mhz corsair vengeance memory I bought so make sure you check the compatibility of this when you decide that buying the memory is an easy choice! ;)

    Other components I choose for maximum gaming and general use benefits were a corsair force series gs ssd 480GB (price seems very reasonable for this at the moment) and the new zotac GTX 670 4GB

    Hope this helps.

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