Finalizing my build...

Just finalizing my build and wanna run by yall. Got a couple questions yet.

Case is an antec 902. 130$
mobo is asus p8p67-m pro. Edges out the msi p67a-gd53 in overclockability from what i read and stock performances are amazingly similar. No major heat issues despite a micro atx format. Price point is good at 150$ and allows for sli OR crossfire whenever i upgrade graphics down the line.
i5 2500k unlocked at 3.3 for 220$
coolermaster v8. 70 cfm at only 21 db. 50$
crucial 128gb ssd 410/210 iirc. 220$
ram: local computer guy suggeated corsair dominator 1333mhz 2x4 @ 130$. For the same 130$ im inclined to go 4x4gb gskill 1600mhz cas9. I hear the gskill has good clock and timing tweakability and it seems perfect for the pricepoint.
Ill be reusing my evga gtx 460 se 1gb card.

All this comes in right at 900 before shipping or taxes. If you see room for improvement without increasing my bottom line please let me know
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  1. please fill out the form linked in my signature so we have all the necessary information to help you (especially what stores are available to you, are you near a microcenter?)

    looks pretty good. id be wary of someone who tried to sell you 8gb 1333mhz ram for $130.
  2. Im on my droid, hard to copy paste everything so forgive me.
    purchase by Friday
    Primarily gaming, video editing, and cad
    Usa- use newegg zipzoomfly tigerdirect or any other reputable. Ive got a local place im going to price check because i try to support small business when possible.
    dont need monitor mouse keyboard videocard or large format data storage.

    As mentioned i. The op, my primary interest is double checking that yes, the gskill indeed is quality ram with good tweaking potential and that the mobo and cpu cooker are both nice quality parts.
  3. do you live near a microcenter?
  4. No microcenters here. Nashville tn.
  5. G.SKILL and Kingstons work fine as memory, and are reliable too. Seriously, no need to get any corsair vengenance set. The i5-2500k comes with amazing overclocking. You can push it to 4 with stock just fine. I don't recommend a Coolermaster V8 heatsink for your build. You should get the Cooler Master Hyper 212+ for $30 on newegg or the Mugen 2 for $40. You should consider getting a hard drive for storage. Samsung Spinpoint F3 is where your money should be at. Best performance for only $60. Don't trust Western Digital marketing gimmick with their Sata III 6gb/s crap.
  6. Hahahha had to retype full post when phone ate the first one. Ive got a 400 and 750 gb seagate barracude 7200 drives for permanent storage. The only thing with the 212 cooler is it runs at 27 db. Id gladly pay 20$ to maintain a near silent system and the v8 would fit that. Now, id be interested to know if the recomendation against the v8 is 100% $$$$ driven or if the v8 actually doesnt perform well. Thanks for being able to backup the choice of gskill

    Edit: i notice a few forum threads about gskill issues. One noticeably with a p8p67 mobo. The user had the full size atx version of the board im considering. It wasnt specific if it wasb3 or not. Does my chosen mobo have a good track record in use? I also saw mention that the ripjaw ram seems to struggle when trying to use four sticks as opposed to just two- anyone got comment on this?

    Edit 2: im also seeing posts which may indicate fitment issues with the ram mobo and cooler. Any comment?

    Edit 3: m atx board and my double slot sized gtx 460. Issues? And i notice the board supports the sli or xfire at 8x/8x as opposed to 16x. Is this the normal speed or am i sacrificing dual card capability to have both nvidia and ati suppirt?
  7. I have a hyper 212 installed on my i7 2600k oc to 4.5. My fan settings are on auto and I never here it. I sit directly next to my computer and I never here a peep. Go with the 212 its quite.
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