GTX480 - worth adding an xtra card for dedicated Physix card?

Hi, at the moment im running a Point of View GTX480 and would like to know if it would be possible to install a 8800GT graphics card just for Physix and if so how do I do it as iv always have been running ATI CrossfireX and never touched Nvidia. Would it also be worth doing this? All help would be appreciated.

Current rig
Phenom 965 @ 4.0ghz
Asus Crosshair IV Formula
1000watts Coolermaster 80+ powersupply

Kind Regards
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  1. Migrated from 2x HD4870x2 to GTX480
  2. It is worth it to SLI a GTX 480 but for Physix it is not worth the $$$.
  3. Hi, thanks for the reply but i think you misunderstood me. I have a GTX480 at the moment and want to add a 8800GT (already have) for Physix and dont know if that can be done or not and if its worth it.
  4. Do you have any games that benefit from GPU Accelerated PhysX? If so, do you play them, and which games are they?
  5. Hi, to be honest I wouldnt know as iv always used ATI so new to this PhysX. I play Black Ops, AvP and Dirt 3 mostly. Once or twice Serious Sam, Fear 2 etc.

    Thanx again
  6. In that case, no it's not worth it. None of those games benefit from a PhysX card.
  7. Thanx bystander. Much Appreciated
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