Is my motherboard dead?

Hi, I was wondering if someone could help me troubleshoot, please.

I left my computer on and went outside. I came home and the computer war running, but the monitor was in sleep mode. I couldn't wake up the monitor so I shut off my computer and tried to turn on again, but nothing was happening when I pressed the power button after turning it off.
I let it stand for a while and tried again and still nothing.

I opened it up and I can see that the PSU is working ok (it has LED and the fan runs for a while after the computer is turned off). There is also a green light on the motherboard, and there's light for network activity on the NIC, but when I press on the power button nothing happens.

Am I correct in thinking that most likely the reason is that the motherboard died? My other suspicion is the CPU, but I think if only the CPU died than the computer would at least attempt to boot?

Any advice would be appreciated, thanks :)
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  1. my PC has an issue with sleep mode, if i put it in sleep mode it will not shut off properly, and will as yours does, not turn back on properly either

    leave it unplugged for a few moments and see if it will come back to life
  2. You know I left it unplugged overnight since I was looking inside the case. This morning I plugged it in and tried again and it booted up =/
    Still not sure if it's a symptom of my mobo dieing (I've been having issues where during boot I'd get an error saying my keyboard is not plugged in. I'd have to unplug it and try another port), or if it's just the way it behaves...

    But thanks for your reply, I'm a bit relieved now :)
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