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What Will Go Best With This?

So pretty soon here I'm going to be dropping a load of cash on a new system. As such, I have a set of cards that I think will be best; them being a pair of HD 6970s.

Is there a better pair that you can think of for me? While I'd like to stay in the $750 range, I'm willing to but won't exceed $850 in graphics, so that is the very top of my [graphics] budget. So with that said, give me your best shot. I'm aiming for the top here.

Here is the rest of the parts I will be getting so you can have an idea of what GPU might go good with them;

Mobo: EVGA X58 FTW3 132-GT-E768-TR
CPU: Intel Core i7-2600K

Thanks beforehand for any suggestions.
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  1. Omg, you're spending that much money please get a better PSU, a much better one!

    Some suggestions, save money, don't waste it. For gaming you won't tell the difference between a 2600K and 2500K at all. If the computer is not for gaming, then that is a different story, however if it is, it's a waste of money.

    6970s, are also a waste of money. I would just buy 2 6950s 2GB, unlock the shaders, and then overclock to 6970 speeds.

    With the money saved on those two choices and little to no difference in performance you can spend that money on a better PSU and maybe a really nice SSD.
  2. If you can suggest to me a better PSU, then I'm more than open to hear of it. :)

    And yes, I will be using it for much more than gaming. I do a lot of video editing and production usually in the 1080P - 4K arena but never lower than 720P. Lots of After Effects too. Plus, I'm getting into using Blender as well.

    Also, I've heard about the 6950s and overclocking them to 6970s, but honestly, why overclock to a 6970 when you can have a 6970 and overclock it even higher? Ya see where I'm going with this? ;)

    At the end of the day, I'm pretty hard to budge once I've made a decision, so show a sister a little leniency, will you? The question at hand here is what GPU would be better aka an upgrade to what I plan on, not a downgrade (for lack of a better term). I'm still interested in hearing your PSU suggestion(s) though :D
  3. Oh then yes, a 2600K will be a beast for you :) You should overclock it however, and get a decent CPU cooler for it. To get the most of it.

    And, no its not about overclocking higher with the 6970, its about the cards being the exact same things. You can BIOS flash a 6950 to be a 6970 in every way, and then overclock just like you would overclock a 6970. They would overclock just about the same. And with the major price difference...

    Its not taking a GTX 560 and overclocking it to be the same as a GTX 560 Ti. Its about the 6950 being able to overclock to what you could overclock the 6970 to, kind of different.

    Also you said you do a lot of video editing, are you sure you don't need cuda technology from Nvidia?
  4. Ah, I'll give it a thought then. I'm usually the kind of person who just splurges and gets the absolute best that I can, which is why I was dead-set on on 6970s if an alternative was not brought to the table, but if you can take a 6950 and literally make it a 6970...I'll read into it, thanks. :)

    As for an Nvidia vs AMD, I'm not a fangirl; the cards with the best performance comes home with me. If you can suggest a better card, I don't care if it's by AMD or NVidia :)
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    Oh for price to performance the 6950s are hands down amazing.

    But you said you do a lot of video editing, and I'm not sure if you could benefit from CUDA technology. You should look into if the programs you use utilize CUDA, becuase if they do you should deffinitly consider Nvidia instead.

    However if you don't need CUDA, I'd get the 6950s.

    Here is a link for you to read.

    And if you look here.

    You can see when the 6950 is unlocked to 6970 and then overclocked past 6970 20 percent, and overclock the 6970 20 percent.. well they come out the same. :)
  6. Wow, it really is the same card. Even the temps are the same :lol:

    Anyway, okay, I'll look into it to see if any programs I use utilize Cuda. In the meanwhile, what NVidia cards would you suggest then? The prospect of PhysX also interest me :)
  7. GTX 570 SLI more than likely.

    Quite expensive however.
  8. Still 100 bucks cheaper than the two 6970s I was planning on getting. :lol:

    At any rate, thanks a lot for the help. Now it's between 2 6950s or 2 570s which makes everything easier. I'll read into it some more before I make my purchase. Thanks! :D
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  10. You do know that CPU won't fit in that mobo right?
  11. Yes I do, because I just realized right now that I copy-pasted the wrong Mobo. :lol: That was from an older list. :na:
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