Disk Boot Failure Insert System Disk and Press Enter

i get this response on start up. i do not have the system disk, any solutions
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  1. My guess is that you have either a none boot able CD or floppy in corresponding drives and the computer is looking there before your HDD.
  2. if this was a working computer then most likely your hard drive is dead
  3. test your hardware
  4. The normal reason for this error is that you have left a floppy disk in the drive, nowadays that can also include a USB drive (remove all USB memory devices). If this is not the cause then you may have trouble. Check the BIOS that it set to boot from the hard drive, is the hard drive seen by the BIOS? If not check (refit) hard drive connections) Worst case the hard drive may have failed remove and test on another computer.
  5. Im building a new system and when I did an out-of-the-case POST test I get now splash screen or anything except the "disk boot failure insert system disk" now I know I could just put in an HDD and boot up but what I'm wondering is why on. Startup it skips splash screen? There is no way for me to enter BIOS... please help!
  6. No splash screen*
  7. What type of comp? what version BIOS? why don't you have a HD in your computer? You could always just put in a bootable floppy (if you have a 3.5 drive) or bootable USB disk and your BIOS may start then
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