Suggest a good and cheap PSU for gtx 460 768mb.

I need a good and cheap PSU for gtx 460 768mb.I live in India and following brands are available here-
Power Safe
Point of View
Glacial Power
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  1. antec earthwatts 380w or better.
  2. Go with Corsair or Antec, iam2thecrowe suggested a decent one. I'd personally get 450w or better, but the Antec Earthwatts 380w will do.
  3. Antec EA or TP New Series, Corsair TX series
  4. oh and these
    "Power Safe
    Point of View
    Glacial Power
    Avoid at all cost.
  5. How about cooler master extreme power plus series.They are affordable and look good.
  6. no, no cooler master. heres the review of that cooler master Cooler master generally produce below average psu's with few exceptions. I dont understand why you cant get something from Antec? they are the best value for money in the low end PSU's and they are all good quality.
  7. Thanks mate.You opened my eyes at the right moment or i would have gone for the cm500.I am interested in Antec.But I think Corsair is also a good company.What do you think.
    And one more thing.Nvidia also built a 500$ pc and they gave its description on their website.They used an i3-2100 and gtx 460 768mb which are nice.But for the power supply , they used a cm500.I think they are fools.
  8. Is corsair vx450 good?
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    yes it is a good budget psu. > review

    trust jonnyguru and hardwaresecrets for PSU reviews, the always test psu's under load, ripple, noise and voltage regulation and push psu's to their max to make sure they dont explode. dont trust reviewers that dont do those tests.
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