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GPU Fan wheezing?

Hi community,

I've looked at some of the other threads about graphics card problems, but none seem to have this exact same problem I have. My original rig contained

Core i7-920 2.66GHz
MSI Eclipse SLI mainboard
MSI Radeon 5870

I then started having random crashes of the graphics card, especially during load, where it would just black out, and the fan would spool to 100% and just sound like something was going to explode.

I RMA-ed the card, MSI couldn't replace it so they refunded me and I bought another MSI card, the Radeon 6970.

Everything worked fine for a few days until I had the exact same problem!

I figured that it's impossible there's something wrong with the card, so I removed the greenpower module that came with the motherboard. It's some little block that's suppose to help power consumption; you plug in the 24-pin into the block, and from the block it plugs into the motherboard. After removing it, I have not had any more crashes.

However, I now have my graphics card fan "wheezing" when I'm putting load on it. It would spool up to max speed, slow down, then up again. I already cleaned out the dust, and the computer is in an air-conditioned room so I don't think overheating is the issue here.

Is it possible that my PSU might not be supplying a consistent voltage? Or is something just wrong with the motherboard? I'm just hoping someone has ideas to help me troubleshoot this. It's not a problem now, but I think this "wheezing" is a symptom of something more.
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  1. That definitely sounds like a power supply problem to me. What is your power supply. Do you have a friend's power supply you can try on your computer.
  2. +1 to hell tech sounds like a power issue...
  3. i've got a corsair HX850 PSU. 850W, modular cables. I specifically paid for a better PSU because I know it's an underrated component. I don't have a friend's PSU I can use to test.

    Strange thing is that my CPU fan is perfectly normal. It doesn't spool up and down. I'll have to go check if there's dust blocking my PSU fans, but generally those don't accumulate much dust.
  4. no they dont and yeah that is a good psu....but maybe its a power issue goin to your card...if you had a volt meter you could check how much power is going thru your board then....unless your psu is goin faulty which unless its very old but its a good brand and more than enough for your sounds like we are narrowing it down to your board...Im sure your card is good you just got another one right so...but too truly rule that you might have had some bad luck and got 2 bad cards I would check that card in another computer just to be 100% on that.....and go into your bios and go to your system health status and look @ your voltages if they are jumping around your psu will have something wrong with it....just somethin to rule out too....if thats good then like I said if you can test how much power your getting to your slot then we can see if its your board....but if everything else checks out I would say its your board..
  5. Thanks Viper. You guys are just further confirming my suspicions. I think I need to elaborate on the situation a little more to make things clearer.

    This was the original computer, everything inside it was brand new in Feb 2010. I then had to get it shipped as I went to college.

    Intel Core i7 920 2.66GHz
    MSI Eclipse SLI
    3x2GB DDR3 1600MHz - Team Xtreem Dark
    MSI Radeon 5870 1GB GDDR5
    LG DVD-RAM 22x
    Cooler Master C690 Pure Casing
    Corsair Modular 850W PSU
    Dark Knight Xigmatech Cooler
    Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanum Fata1ty Pro
    Western Digital Velociraptor 150GB 10K SATA HDD
    2x Seagate 1TB SATA HDD

    MSI Radeon 6970 2GB GDDR5 (after RMA)

    Upon receipt of my items, the box was in pretty beat up shape and it didn't work. The shipping company paid me insurance money, and MSI RMA-ed both the graphics card and motherboard.

    Everything worked perfectly fine for a good 8 months or so and there were no problems with it (even finished Fallout:NV and Starcraft II.) In theory, the motherboard and graphics card are "new" or at least factory certified.

    Sometime in April, my graphics card then started to experience this problem, as shown by someone else on youtube.

    I sent that video in to MSI Tech Support and they couldn't replace the card, so they gave me a refund which I used to buy an MSI Radeon 6970. (Only cost me like an additional $20 after the refund? Surprisingly the 5970 held it's market value very well.)

    I used the card for a week before I encountered the same problem as shown in the video. I was pretty damn certain it couldn't be the graphics card, but I thought it might be power related, so I removed the GreenPower Genie module ( and I've not had crashes.

    However, the fan spools up to max during a game. Like it'll be fine for 10 seconds, go max for a second, then back down. Sometimes, it's the other way around. The only phrase I could think of was "wheezing."

    So that's the full situation of what's going on.

    I can easily check my graphics card on a friends computer, I think his PSU can support it, and it'll just be running a benchmark to put it under load to see whether it wheezes. Speedfan is a program that can help me check temperatures. Anyone else has decent ideas about how I could test my temperatures/voltages? I do have a voltmeter, but I'm not experienced in using it on computer parts.

    Thanks for all the help guys. Makes me feel better having a rough idea of what's going on.
  6. well ok then no crashes,...thats good...whole nother deal...does it do that even when you set up a profile for your fan set up? are you using msi afterburner? Did you look into your bios and see if your voltages were fluctuating?
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    It's an ATI card, go into catalyst control center, take a look in the ATI Overdrive, override the fan speed to your liking, just make sure you have it at a good setting with a stable temp at load, really 40-50% should be fine.

    (just my 2-bit opinion.)

    Additional questions:

    Have you tried overriding the fan speed?
    Does it still happen when overriding the fan speed?
  8. alright thanks guys. I'll select someone's as the best answer once i test it out. I haven't tested it in game yet, but I can control the fan with the ATI overdrive page and 100% fan is REALLY LOUD. I think I'm only hitting like 80% for like a short period for the above mentioned thing. Gotta wait till the weekend before I can play games. Too busy during the weekdays
  9. one thing the 5xxx series ( the ones that I have had) I noticed the fans were louder on these models
  10. Best answer selected by mephiston1.
  11. it just seems that my current area has the thing running really hot. once i manually set the fan temps, the noise is more constant which is fine, and the temps maintain.
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