I plugged in my Dell Inspiron 1525 and I heard a pop sound from the computer but

Recently I got done modifying my laptop charger and thought it would work again. I really just should HAVE GOT A NEW CHARGER!!! I plugged in my laptop, turned it on and I heard a pop and it was not from the speakers but from the inside of the computer. I had no idea what happened to I took it to Best Buy and the guy checked it out for free. He said that it was probably the PSU (power supply unit) or the motherboard. I am wondering if anyone knows what it is because I don't want to spend 100 dollars just for them to tell me exactly what's wrong. I asked my uncle and he said I might want to renew the warrenty and send it in and they will send me a new 1525 and I wont even have to find out what the problem is. That would be 200 bucks. If I can figure out what is wrong with (im counting on you...) then I will pay the least amount of money to repair it. One guess is that I fried the PSU because that is where the electricity goes the second you plug the laptop in to the wall. I'm guessing that what ever I did wrong had to do with high voltage because when I modified the charger I might have increased the voltage. I hopefully have given you enough info that you will be able to figure this out for me. Now that you have read this, I hope you can bring this to top priority and ask and ask and ask all around so I can get this problem fix since this laptop cost over a thousand dollars. ---Thanks
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  1. If it is the motherboard then your repair is going to be hell of a lot more than $200!
  2. If you have access to a multimeter, you should be able to test the charger. If the charger passes, there's a good chance the motherboard is dead.

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