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Can I mix two 2GB sticks of RAM with two 4GB sticks?

Sorry if this sounds noobish, but I need help. My question is can I add two sticks of RAM (2 GB each) to a system that already has two 4GB sticks installed? My mobo has 4 slots and currently two availble. This is probably a dumb question but I am new to computer building and don't want to harm my precious baby :)
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  1. Most likely yes, but to be extra safe try to get the same brand of ram and same speed. I did this for a while in one my PC's. I used G.SKILL Ripjaws Series 2x4gb and a set of G.SKILL Ripjaws Series 2x2gb
  2. But, why not just buy a new matched set with prices so low. Then you will have more memory and be sure it all match's. No problems likely with your system. Can't say that for sure mixing them. Good Luck!!
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    The new 2GB modules should have the same or lower operating voltage and at least the same or better memory clock speed and timings.

    They should be installed on the GA-Z77X-UD3H in the following fashion:

    DDR3_1 - G-Skill 4GB (1333)
    DDR3_2 - G-Skill 4GB (1333)

    DDR3_3 - New 2GB (1333 or faster)
    DDR3_4 - New 2GB (1333 or faster)
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  5. Thanks guys
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