AMD A4-3400 OR Athlon ii x2 270+GT440? which is better

AMD A4-3400 Llano 2.70GHz APU buildin GPU HD6410D


Athlon ii x2 270 3.4 GHZ

WHICH is better

I calculate all the components and they are close to each other's prices

for athlon ii x2 270


More or less 280$

for A4-3400


MOre or less 280$
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  1. I'll be using the GT440 GDDR3 one not the GDDR5
  2. I would suggest going for the Athlon ii and the GT440 build.That build is more powerful than the A4-3400 and you have the option of upgrading down the road since the Athlon use's the AM3 socket.The GT440 is also much more powerful than the A4-3400(6450).

    Can you list your full build parts for the Athlon build?
  3. What do you plan to use ther PC for?
  4. I still think it's relevant. HTPC vs midrange gaming PC will make quite a difference to the specs.
  5. ^+1
  6. Herr_Koos is right!
    First you must make a decision:
    a) Multimedia machine - HTPC + some web browsing or
    b) game machine.

    The philosophy of the machines is totaly different!

    For HTPC you should have SPDIF, HDMI, 2GB not more, Blue ray player, AMD A4 or A6 is great and "future proof" + LCD/LED TV and great audio system for total leasure.

    Actualy, my home HTPC is made of A4 x3AMD (65W) + 2x500GB + wireless A4tech Mouse + keyboard + 42" LCD Philips +LG DVD playe+ LG Harmony 300 remote (for controling the PC, TV, LG player and the Digital Receiver). The HTPC is connected to my Linksys 160N router.

    For a) A4 i the option. Using a less power, less noise, less hardware, less space, less cables and etc. 2GB is what you need. UBUNTU as OS and you are ready to have a fun :)

    b) Game machine... then you need something much stronger! For games, choose i5 and min. HD5770, min 4GB ram...

    This machine is quite old but it's good for now: intel Q6600 + AMD HD5770, 6GB Ram, 2x500GB HDD, 23" ASUS monitor, ... and i'm using for rendering, drawing and casual gaming.
  7. MY games are just NOOB games no BF3 no Crysis 2,1 no Metro 33, its just Silkroad, Warrock, Flyff, and other MMORPG games , DragonNest..

    Sorry for deley reply
  8. For those types of games either system will do but you might want to go with the Athlon just for upgrade sake.Unless AMD is planning to release some new CPU's that will work for the FM1 socket with Piledriver.
  9. Would those FM2 CPU's("APU") feature a GPU from the 7000 series?
  10. purple stank said:
    Would those FM2 CPU's("APU") feature a GPU from the 7000 series?

    6000, from what I can tell. I haven't seen any conclusive statements though.
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