GTS 250 512MB or GT 240 1G?

Hello all, im wondering which of those two cards will perform better at gaming? Both hold GDDR3 memory, but the GT 240 has twice than the GTS 250.

The specs are:

CPU: AMD Athlon ii X3 445
RAM: 4G DDR3 1333MHz
GPU: GTS 250 512MB OR GT 240 1G (both DDR3)
PSU: 420W
HDD: 500GB

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  1. GTS 250
  2. The GT 240 is comparable to the 9600GT & Radeon HD 4670
    The GTS 250 is significantly better than all 3 of those cards but it consumes much more power.
  3. Hmm, so for games the GTS 250 will do better? I'm thinking of playing games like Crysis 2 on this PC, but not on full settings, running on 1024*768 res. Will 420W enough to run the GTS 250?
  4. The GTS 250 is BETTER than than GT 240 (use google)

    On Nividia site it states 'Maximum Graphics card Power 150W', 'Minimum Recommended System Power 450W'

    It depends on what make your PSU is and your hardware and if any overclocks. Use the link below to check your PSU recommended power
  5. Thanks for that great site, i've decided that ill get the GTS 250. Thanks again.
  6. you cant get a gts250 1gb? that would be a much better option. 512mb means you will have to run lowered texture detail/resolution in many games.
  7. Oh, then the 512m gts 250 will be fine since i wont be running at high resolution :). I got a really old monitor, and only 1024*768 res.
  8. Yes it would be fine, not many games use over 512mb, Crysis 2 official requirements 'A GeForce 8800 GT or Radeon HD 3850 with 512MB of video memory'. Your better off going with a faster GPU than MORE memory. Just google GT240 vs GTS250 and then judge for yourself.
  9. well at that resolution, yes the 512mb should do you fine. but saying that, at that resolution you wont see any difference between gts250 and gts240 as you will be bottlenecked by the cpu. Oh also, i did not see that before but you only have a 420w PSU of unknown brand(suspect its a cheap crappy brand) a gts250 requires more power than that psu can deliver, better stick to the more power efficient gt240 or your psu will blow up.
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