My hdmi settings are not working on my computer


Here is my problem. I have a samsung LCD full HD Monitor. I have just purchased a HDMI cable and plugged it in from the back of my computer to the back of the monitor. I have set the screen resolution to 1920x1080 which is optimal output for HD. I changed the main display to the HDMI input on the monitor but it shows the desktop and doesnot pick up the mouse. What am I doing wrong. Please help it is becoming a little frustrating.


KK :fou:
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  1. can you see the cursor?
  2. Are you sure the mouse is working...
  3. Thanks all,

    For some reason it decided to start working after a while however, the resolution/picture is awfully blurry. Picture is better on the digital screen setting. I am obviously doing something wrong.

  4. try lowering your resolution
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