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Hello,i have a 2.26 GHz Intel Core i3-350M dual-core processor from a 18.4 toshiba laptop..I was wondering if I can upgrade to an amd processor..The mother board is made by intel so can i only use intel processor or i can use any processor i want
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  1. YOu can only use intel cpu and mobile ones at that.

    Package Specifications
    Max CPU Configuration 1
    TJUNCTION 90°C for rPGA, 105°C for BGA
    Package Size rPGA 37.5mmx 37.5mm, BGA 34mmx28mm
    Processing Die Size 81 mm2
    # of Processing Die Transistors 382 million
    Graphics and IMC Lithography 45 nm
    Graphics and IMC Die Size 114 mm2
    # of Graphics and IMC Die Transistors 177 million
    Sockets Supported BGA1288, PGA988
    Low Halogen Options Available Yes
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