Buying a HD 6870, power supply questions

Hey all,

I'm thinking about upgrading from my old 5670 to a 6870. I have a 550watt psu, but I just realized it seems that all that's free in my PC is a single 4-pin connector. I don't suppose there are any magical adapters that I can buy to make this work? If I really want a card that's at least as powerful as a 6870 I'm gonna have to upgrade my psu as well, aren't I?

Core i5 760
7200rpm hard drive
4GB's of ddr3 RAM

Also, Pic of the inside of my case:


EDIT: There will be no overclocking done.
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  1. you can get a dual 4 pin to 6 pin adaptor, but i would strongly recommend against it by the look of that psu. it looks like a cheap crappy one. it may say 550 watt but that doesnt mean it can produce 550w (i know that sounds like some PSU makers are dishonest, and they are). If it doesn't even have a 6 pin connector it really shouldnt be used to power a gfx card that requires one. Please get yourself a new psu before upgrading to a better vid card.
  2. Yeah I figured as much. Got my pc built at cyberpower because the insurance company said they wouldn't pay for it if I bought the parts and built it myself. (long story for that)

    Are there any PSU's out there that could power my system plus this card and not murder my bank account? (i'm already stretching far just to get a 6870).

    Thanks for the quick reply buy the way
  3. Hi, yr honestly better off buying a newer branded power supply with 80+ efficiency. Visit
    to check reviews on power supplies. Regarding the 6pin pcie connector, google 'molex to pci-e'. Also check
    which will help you in regards to what size power supply you will need as this eliminates any guess work. Hope this helps.
  4. The GPU will come with "magical adapters" to make it work. However with a system such as yours, I would upgrade to a decent PSU anyway, that doesn't look like one, and the lack of connections confirms it, but I'll as anyway. What PSU do you have?

    EDIT - Wow I didn't see the replies to this thread, guess the site lagged on me. For a 6870 you don't need a powerful PSU.
  5. I built it online at the cyberpower pc website and I'm pretty sure the option I picked for psu was "generic 500watt". I have no idea the model number or brand and opening it up doesn't really help much either. Pretty sure I'm just gonna get a new one now that I got a good look at this thing anyways.

    So that one you suggested would work with my system?

    Also one last thing (thanks for all the help so far by the way), I saw a few threads down that there is a similarly priced 6950 (Link: at Newegg. Would that psu be sufficient to run that? I'm considering it as an option if I can maybe pick up a few extra hours at work next week.
  6. I would personally recommend something in the range of 600 watts or higher
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    600w would be ridiculously overkill and unnecessary for a 6870.

    Here is Guru3D's power supply recommendation:

    Radeon HD 6950 - On your average system the card requires you to have a 500 Watt power supply unit.
    Radeon HD 6970 - On your average system the card requires you to have a 550 Watt power supply unit.

    If you want to get a 6950 look into this power supply.

    or this one

    The shipping on the latter is pretty lame, however.
  8. Direct from AMD Website 'Suggested System Requirements - 500 Watt or greater power supply with two 75W 6-pin PCI Express® power connectors recommended'

    add the users system (cpu,mem,hard drive, fans etc), you 'really' think a 600watt power supply is an overkill?
  9. Well if you read the ops question, they state that they want a power supply for 6950 and thats the reason i stated 600watts and then you give links to 600watts power supplies. You should read clearly before making assumptions
  10. Yeah, 6870 can even run on 450W solid PSU, but your one probably is a crappy cheap PSU that can't even produce 400W
  11. blakmumba, 6950 needs less than 270W on metro 2033 very high 2560x1440, 6870 tested on furmark 1.8.2 at 1200p + system needed 280W.,2818-21.html

    system for 6870:

    power consumption for 6870:
  12. Thanx shrkbay, i was going according to the AMD specs on their website
  13. Hmmm... Wow well I have a lot to think about.

    This was my first post here in this forum after hearing about it for a long time and I'm totally impressed. Thanks for all the help guys (especially Helltech and blakmumba).
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