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I have an 1100T in a very crowded case. I have good air flow thru the case, but the chip has a stock fan and my temp stays in between 38C to 70C. I have been told this is much too high. My questions are this. What are the safe operating temps fpr this CPU and is there a good aftermarket cooler with a small footprint
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  1. AMD's tech docs on their website tell you the exact max temp. for each model CPU. I believe the 1100T is ~62C or 65C but it may be a little higher. Make sure to use Core Temp to measure your temps as some software gives false temps.

    The link below shows cooling performance data for many of the popular heatsinks. Read the full HSF review for clearance concerns. If you have room the CM Hyper 212+ is an excellent mid-range cooler at a great price but there are also some good, smaller HSFs too if the Hyper 212+ is too large for your case.
  2. What case do you have?
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