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Hello, My current rig consists of a p5n32e sli plus socket 775 MB, Q9400 CPU @2.6, 4 Gb ddr2, SSD hard drive, 2 GTX 260 running in SLI, 550 watt PS, and a run down case. I was thinking of upgrading everything I can afford and keeping my 2 x 260's to keep the cost down. I am looking at a Core i7 2600k cpu, water cooling, unsure on MB, 8 Gb ddr3, 1200 watt PS, or should I just get a new PS for current set up, and get a newer graphics card? most likely a GTX 590, but would there be a considerable bottle neck with my cpu or memory bandwidth
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  1. What's your budget and native resolution?
  2. Looking at keeping below $1500, and current res is only 1440 x 990 on a 17 inch monitor. I figure if I buy high quality components now, persevere with DX10, and in the next two years buy a new GPU, and bigger monitor
  3. That cpu of yours is still good. All it needs is a bit of a OC. IF you really feel you want to upgrade because you have the cash and feel its that time then go for the 2500k. You can get the 2500k and a mobo for just over 320usd which leaves you with plenty for the rest maybe enough for a bigger resolution LCD as well
  4. I have tried multiple times to OC my cpu via the BIOS, but can not get it stable once I get past 2.8. Read multiple guides, system overheats, and I blame my MB.
    Do you think the two 260's in SLI will hold out for another year or two oif I were to update the rest?
    Any recommendations for a good socket 1155 motherboard?
    My PSU is only 550w, and is probably struggling with my current config.
    Also my case is old, front panels falling off, fans not working, front USB not working, too small for an SLI set up.
    I dont mind the 17 inch monitor for a little longer
  5. If your gpu is still giving you your desired performance and your happy with then its fine.
    But for 1500k you can buy a entire setup monitor everything included.

    If its for gaming get the 2500k. Its 220 usd mobo goes between 100 and 160usd depends on the brand you choose and a 4Gb kit goes for 32usd.

    That's all for under 400usd.
  6. I recently just upgraded from a Q6700@2.66 and 4gb of ram to an i5 2500k with 8gb of ram. I regret doing it and I'd advise you to spend the money on a new case and graphics card.

    If I was you I'd buy a new PSU, case and a 580gtx. Then I'd wait for the new x79 mobos and cpus if you're able to afford it.
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