Upgrading system with new psu/gpu/cpu

Hello everyone,
I wanted to ask a three part question about upgrading my computer. Also, the reason why I want to upgrade would be to run 3 monitors for NVIDIA's surround set up.

Current System
Phenom 2 x4 955
Gtx 570
MSI 890fx-gd70
600w coolermaster silent pro psu
12gb ram

1) I considered getting a second 570 for SLI but realized that the board does not support it. My friend told me that it is possible to do it anyway. Is it worth trying for $300+?

2) What is the minimum PSU to run these two 570s (im assuming 600w is not enough, but not entirely sure)? Are there any you recommend?

3) Will games such as New Vegas and BC2 be bottlecapped on three screens by the Phenom x? If so what would the minimum be to get out of this bottlecap (my thought was maybe 2500k, but im not sure if I want to spend this money if it will not be bottlecapped)?

Thank you for all of your help everyone.
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  1. I can answer number two. For 570s in sli its recommended to have at least an 850 psu. Thats what I have with my SLI config and is what microcenter told me to do, as well as these forums.
  2. The latest 990FX AM3+ series motherboards do support SLI
  3. Outlander_04 said:
    The latest 990FX AM3+ series motherboards do support SLI

    So do you think it would be best to buy a 990fx motherboard and just use that with my phenom 2?
  4. daniel123244 said:
    So do you think it would be best to buy a 990fx motherboard and just use that with my phenom 2?


    AMD release a new line of processors in a couple of months . The 990 chip set will let you run a newere Bulldozer CPU with all features turned on when you want to upgrade
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    1. There are 2 ways to run an SLI config on an AMD system, and both would require a motherboard replacement. You can go a step back to an older AM3 Nvidia nForce 980a SLI board, or a step ahead into an AM3+ 990X or 990FX board. Both the 990X and 990FX support SLI, not just the FX. As has been said, AM3+ options would allow for eventually installing a Bulldozer CPU.

    2. 850W sounds about right to me for an SLI'd 570 config. Though, there's likely several high-quality 750W units that could pull it off. Ttwo 570's in SLI typically pull around 375-400W of power under normal use. When stressed via Kombustor or Furmark, their power consumption can reach the 500W range.

    3. I have a sneaking suspicion that two 570's in SLI would very likely choke a PhII 955. That is, unless you can manage to OC it into the 3.8-4.0 GHz range. Even then, it could still struggle at times.
  6. I has mine above 4GHz right now, but as I have to replace my mobo anyway, I think the smartest move for me would be 990x/fx, keep my Phenom 2, and just prey that bulldozer ends up being good.
    Thank you all.
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