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Seeking advice on a server solution for a startup. I have a need to buy a server (budget hardware total - $15K) for a growing startup so we decided to virtualize (private cloud) for easier future growth. I need 2 virtual web servers and 2 virtual mirrored databases for the 1st year and then we'll grow afterwards. Seemed like VMWare is the way to go and have it set up via VMWare's load balancer (as to not spend a lot mroe money on a physical load balancer).

My question specifically is it better to buy something like a 4-node HPC (SuperMicro 6026 or Dell c6100) or two 1U servers? We are on a budget for the 1st year and I'm hoping people have some insight
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  1. Hello gsogol;

    One of the major ideas behind cloud computing is to reduce IT hardware/software & management costs. What you're suggesting kind of goes in the other direction.

    Have you looked into using one of the major services as an alternative? You can have a private cloud at a remote, managed location.
  2. Yes I did. For a 15K server, I would be paying over $1200/month where I can recoup my cost within the 1st year by paying about $200/mo in colocation costs.
  3. Did you ask them what a "2 virtual web servers and 2 virtual mirrored databases"
    supporting #x people running #y software would cost? A $15K 4 node system just seems high unless you have 60+ people. Database servers, Web servers and the usual IT tasks (email & office applications) just aren't all that demanding on hardware.

    Of course you know more about the actual requirements, the software and the number of people you're supporting. You haven't shared that with us.

    I think it's a good idea to get with the business consultants at Dell or HP and go over the requirements with them. They're the experts at matching requirements to hardware.

    And let us know what they recommend.
  4. You are right. Will nixed to ask them
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