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I have a Phenom II 820x4 CPU running on this motherboard:
It's a POS I think - I think it just has 1 PCI express 1.0 slot. 6 gigs DDR3 ram, 600w PSU. I'm upgrading my GPU to a factory overclocked GTX 570. I've read that it will be compatible with a PCI 1.0, but I'm worried that it might be bottlenecked by my motherboard. Any thoughts?
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  1. New York area, playing at 1920x1080. I'm not adverse to a slight bottleneck as I intend to upgrade my cpu/motherboard in a year or two, but if a $175 card would offer the same performance I might have to rethink things. I'm using a 1 gig 5670 right now. Thanks for the help!
  2. What is the make/model of your PSU?

    Your CPU will definitly bottleneck that GTX570.Honestly I think the GTX570 is waaaay to much card for your current PC.Your beter off getting a 6870.That way your not going to get bottlnecked nearly as much but it still will get bottlenecked.

    What is your budget in total for the new upgrade?
  3. My PSU is a termaltake pr2 600w I believe. As I said, I do plan on replacing my mobo and CPU in a year or so, which is why I don't mind a little overkill now. I appreciate the feedback!
  4. It's always better to have more than not enough. :)
  5. I see your point but that Phenom ii x4 820 is going to severly bottleneck a GTX570 at any resoultion.I think maybe a cheap alterative until you have enough money to get a whole new build would be best.A GPU like the GTX570 is way to much money to spend on an already aging system.Espically if your not going to upgrade for another year.By that time the GTX570 will be old news and starting to show it's age.

    Since your mobo is PCI-Express slot is only 1.0 I would stay away from 2.1 cards as they are known to have issues with 1.0 slots even tho they are backwards compatible.

    Here's what I think would be best for you...

    MSI Cyclone 6850(PCI-Express 2.0) $175=$160 after MIR + Shipping

    That card is 2.0 so you shouldn't have any problems with combatility.It should also last you until your next ugprade without bottlenecking to much.Overclocking your CPU is best to limit the bottleneck to a minimum.
  6. "My PSU is a termaltake pr2 600w " probably not good enough to power a gtx570. 600w is enough, but that particular model of psu is known for producing out of spec voltage at higher loads.
  7. It's got about 70 amps with x4 12/v rails.
  8. purple stank said:
    It's got about 70 amps with x4 12/v rails.

    just because the label says so, doesnt make it so.
  9. So is some consensus that I should get the 6950 or 6870/50? Would a GTX 560 TI be in the running as well? One of my primary concerns is space in my case, I want to try to stay at or under 9".
  10. THe 6870 is roughly 9-10" so anything higher than that like the GTX560 and 6950 won't fit.And their's also a problem with 2.1 cards.The higher cards you go the less chance that their 2.0 cards.

    The 6850 is about 7-8" and should fit fine.
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