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CPU Temps for X4 640

Hello everyone! I just have quick question regarding CPU temps.

I just built a machine with an AMD X4 640 cpu and I'm getting these temps on the cores:

21c - idle
36c - load (gaming)
47c - load (prime 95 - 20 mins)

This is with the stock cooler, stock voltages, and stock speed. Are those alright for normal usage? I don't plan to do any overclocking with this machine.

Thank you very much! :)
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  1. These are great for that machine people get up to the 70's running prime! What is your ambient?
  2. Oh that's good! It's been a really long time since I've put a machine together and I was unsure about these modern CPUs. I remember the AMD stock coolers not being so great back in the day, so I figured I'd use this until it dies or I decide I need a better one, but if those temps are decent I'm fine with this lol.

    The temp in my apartment is like 65-70f... not exactly sure on that one, inside the case it's reading around 23 to 24c.
  3. That is why I asked with CPU temps cooler than the ambient (68F = 20C) the readings might be off. What does the BIOS say about CPU temp?
  4. BIOS was actually saying that the CPU temp is 2 degrees hotter at idle. I'm not sure about load or prime95 load.

    *edit - and I checked the core temps using Core Temp and Speedfan, both reading the same thing.

    *edit again - I think i was reading the video card temps or the Hard Drive, because the the sensor I have in the case is reading at about 20-21c. It seems to make sense I guess lol. Anyway, Speedfan and Core Temp are still reading the CPU at 20-21c idle and BIOS is probably still 2 degrees higher.
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    The BIOS is probably right but the other programs are close with in error margins, you got a great CPU. (made for overclocking!!)
  6. Yep, I did check, and case temp is around room temp (sometimes dipping to 19c) and the temps at the cores themselves (not the socket temp) are exactly 20-24c at idle depending on if read in BIOS or software applications. I'm assuming BIOS is in fact correct, so I'm guessing load temps in prime95 would be around 49c. Thanks for your help :)
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