Wierd Popping Sound in Win2000

ASUS CUBX w/ P3-700@933 at 1.65 V, Creative Live x-gamer, Leadtek geforce 2.
I never have problems playing mp3s in win98, but in w2k there is always this popping noise when playing any audio. I think it has to do with IRQ conflicts. Could anyone me help with this annoying situation?

Oh yeah, Sisoft Sandra says my PCI network card has too high of a latency and that it could slow down the PCI bus. Could this impact the sound card?

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  1. are you using the ata66 controller?
    if so that is the one causing the problem.
    The drivers for win2k are buggy and still under development.
    a workaround is to get rid of acpi.
    if you do it, make sure you backup yr registry first.
    Also you can reduce pci latency in bios, it might help a bit.
  2. I am having a similar problem. I am running Win98Se though. I have had 2 different sound cards and my new one is a sound blaster live. On the internet and playing games I get sound distortion and popping. I have a Soyo motherboard and I've installed the most recent 4in1 drivers and checked all the settings. Everything seems fine. Since this is the second (different brand) sound card and it is doing the same thing, I don't think it's the sound card.

    AMD K6-III+ 450
    Soyo 5EAM+ ver 1.1 Motherboard
    384 meg PC133 Kingston SDRAM
    UsRobitics 56k PCI Modem
    Sound Blaster Live
    Hercules Prophet II MX AGP
    Windows 98Se
    Directx 7.0a
  3. This is a common problem with the SBLive cards and the VIA chipset. I was under the impression that there was less of a problem with the newer chipsets, newer drivers, and newer hardware. But I also hear that Windows 2000 is more prone to this problem than any other OS.
    Most people believe that it has to do with the VIA chipset and its interactions with your hard drive controllers. My personal theory is that it has to do with the powersupply. Make sure you have a really good 300W or better. I have checked the newsgroups and it seems that anyone with a cheapo 300W or less PS has these problems.
    Take a look at the creative labs news groups on this matter. news.creativelabs.com
    You can also find plenty of info from www.deja.com.
    Sorry, I have been there myself. The only thing that solved the problem was to get an A7V with the latest VIA drivers and Windows ME with the latest soundblaster live drivers. Oh yeah, I also went out and got an Enermax 450W PS.

    Good Luck
  4. Well Condisdering this is the second sound card that I tried, I am not sure it is a problem with the sound blaster live or if it is just the chipset on the board. The other sound card that I tried was a predator 4DWave (DX).....it uses a trident chipset and it did the same thing. I went to Soyo's web sight and it said to install the latest south bridge drivers. The only thing that I found that was close was the 4in1 drivers (version 4.25a). Is it included in this..........do you know? I couldn't get that info from the web sight. The board also say it has an ETEQ chipset.....not via. Are they one in the same? On the chip is says ETEQ 82C6638. Help?

    I also had to install the 4in1 drivers to get my video card to work. It would do wierd distorted lines when I tried to play games. Also none of the Video tests would work in Dxdiag.
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  5. ETEQ is just a VIA MVP3 chipset renamed. But its the same thing. Check out this forum:
    I have also heard of other sound cards having this problem. I had a Montego A3DXtreme sound card and had the same problem.
    But it is the VIA chipset. This problems occurs most frequently on the MVP3 chipset (Socket 7 boards).
    Try putting this sound card on a chipset like ALi (Asus P5A motherboard for socket 7) or on one of the newer TBird motherboards like the Abit KT7 or the Asus A7V or even any Intel chipset. You will find that the problems go away.
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