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hello guys,

Basically, Normally my pc would work perfectly fine, when I started it first time of the day I would get a message on the monitor saying ''No signal'', what I did was unplug my video/graphics card and plug it back in a few times, then restart my computer and everything would work fine. I have been getting fed up with doing this so I did some research. I found out it might be a loose connection problem, or a matter of re slotting the RAM. So thats what I did, after I did that, my monitor finally displayed the start up of my computer until the message came up saying 'safe mode' blah blah blah or start windows normally which I selected and hit enter. As soon as I did that my PC suddenly just turned off. What is the problem please help? :(
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  1. Is the 8/6/4 pin power cable for the cpu connected properly? It may be loose
  2. yeah, just checked that
  3. well I ment no its not that I just checked it
  4. Have you tried it in any other display ports (HDMI)? Also try different cables and a different monitor. If both of them don't work you could try updating the bios but becuase I don't know much about it so it might be very very risky. Or revert back to the default BIOS settings which is a more safe.
  5. yes this happened with my old monitor, I have a new one now and still happens, tried new cable too.
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