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Hi, I am having strange issues during sli mode. This started around a month ago I think. The problem is when I have both of my gtx 480s in Sli my gpu usage is at around 50% on gpu1 and its constantly around 90%+ on gpu2 is that normal? I don't remember it ever doing that. That's not my biggest concern though. I get stuttering issues in games now where the gpu2 stays at 90%+ usage and gpu1 will suddenly drop from 50%+ usage to about 5% and I get about a 1-3s stutter. It happens frequently too. Whenever I disable sli and dedicate gpu2 to physx everything runs fine. I've tried different drivers, reinstalling physx, using factory settings on gpus, overclocking them and even downclocking them with no successs. Anyone have any other ideas or what my problem might be?

Edit: Btw it's not overheating I'm on WC and its around 50-60 under full load.
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  1. Normally the main card will be loaded more than the lower card in two way sli. Are you running any physx games? Test them alone and see if it is either the card or the slot. You can swap them around without needing to bother with drivers.
  2. I've tried it on over 10 different games it's the same for all of them whether they use physx or not. That's what I thought about the gpu load I don't know why this started randomly. I was playing Brink fine close to 2 weeks after release. So I guess it wasn't a month ago it was almost 2 weeks ago. Then I took a brake and started playing APB:Reloaded more and noticed it happening after a while. It almost feels like it has something to do with physx though. Is there something else I need to deal with besides just the physx driver listed in programs?
  3. Can you look at the nvidia control panel now and see which gpu/card that it has defaulted to? Try swapping the cards around and see if the same card is having the problem. If it is regardless of being main card or second card but the same physical card is having the problem then rma.
  4. Its always defaulted to gpu2 and its still on gpu2. I think I tried setting it to CPU to test it but it was even worse. I don't know why I didn't think of this before but I'll default it to gpu1 when i get home and see what happens. It'll be hard to switch the cards around since they are WC is there anything else I could try first. I'd like to rearange tubing as a last resort. A bad gpu2 wouldnt explain why gpu1 drops to 5% usage though would it? That's when the stutter happens.
  5. I didn't say there was any thing wrong with the lower card. I think that either the top card is a dud or the slot on the board could be at fault. Beyond that I believe that software may be to blame.
  6. Yay for me.....looks like I'm going to be doing an RMA. After painfully moving things around to get the gpu2 into slot 1 and testing it solo......the problem still exists on gpu2. Gpu1 is perfectly fine. The best part is going to be rummaging through my closet to find the old heatsink and crap that went on the stock EVGA GTX 480 superclocked to RMA it right? It has to be sent back with all that stuff on it doesn't it?
  7. This is why you should have tested every thing on air first before installing the water blocks. If you got enough slack in your loop you may be able to remove the card/s from the block without having to drain the cooling system.
  8. I did use it on air... Since they first came out lol. I bought both of mine the week they were released on newegg. I just switched to wc like 5 months ago. It's been fine till 2 weeks ago. I had been playing everything fine (bad company 2, crysis 2, brink, apb and too many others) till randomly now. I managed the tubing fine I'm just using one card now waiting on evga to get off their holiday.
  9. OK let us know how things go. PS I will be leaving tomorrow and will be gone for a few months so others will have to pick up the slack to help you out.
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