Intel H77 Drivers?

I cannot find drivers for the h77 chipset. This makes an error appear in device and printers part of control panel. It shows a yellow triangle with a black exclamation mark by ADAMP-PC (name of pc).

My computer specs are:
Asrock H77 Pro4/MVP
Intel 3450 3.1ghz
OCZ ModXStream-Pro 500W
Stock Heatsink
1 generic optical drive
1 2.5" HDD partitioned 2 ways (Backup & Storage)
1 OCZ Petrol SDD (Main boot device)
Windows 7 Home Premium 64BIT
4GB of saverstore ram.

Thanks for the help in advance :)
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  1. If you go to the Device Manager, which item has an exclamation next to it? Look through these and see if one of them is what you're missing:
  2. Your motherboard package should have included a cd with motherboard drivers on it. Install that first.
    They may not be the very latest, but they should work.
    Later you can go the Intel web site and download their latest version.
  3. The ones with the yellow exclamation mark are:
    SM Bus Controller
    Universal Serial Bus (USB) Controller
    Unknown device.

    I do have another problem though where my wireless adapter sometimes need un and replugging in to get it to work. But I don't know if that has anything to do with it.
  4. I am a bit weary of installing the drivers because I all ready have, is it bad to install drivers again?
  5. USB 3.0 is implemented on previous generation motherboards via a discrete chip.
    You probably are in need of installing the driver for that chip.

    If you attempt to reinstall a driver, no harm will come.
    You will get a message if you are trying to install a older driver.
  6. But the thing is I think it may be the usb 2 ports as sometime they work time times they don't. Well any way i have just backed up my pc and will now start to reinstall the cd drivers.
  7. Thanks, It did work. I get no errors any more. However I was uninstalling xfast LAN and it gave me the blue screen of death but it is working fine now. But the problem I said about the wireless adapter still occurs but since it was such a cheap one I will probably get a new one.
    So any recomendations for a wireless adapter and preferably one that fits in a pci or pci express port?
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