UDH5 mobo and 2133 mhz ram issue

Hey guys I bought the Gigabyte GA Z77X UDH5 motherboard and also some Corsair Vengeance blue DDR3 2133Mhz  ram only to read here: http://m.gigabyte.com/product/product.aspx?pid=4139 That it only supports "DDR3 2400(OC)/1600/1333/1066 MHz memory modules" :( 

i've now built the rig and the ram defaults to running at 1333 at the moment which sucks a bit so when I engage XMP it goes right up to 2133 by just increasing the ratio.

This seems to work after a reboot and three bios health check confirms it's now running at this speed however after a longer period of the PC being off, when it next starts it says that there was a problem and it reverts back to 1333.the

PC seems stable enough with low temps and no crashes when it's on so I don't know why it's resetting it.i've also o/c'd the ram to 2400 which is the recommended speed according to gigabyte with the link given earlier but this also suffers the same fate as when set to 2133.

Do I need to up the voltages before trying to o/c the ram to 2400 or anything else? Anyone got a guide on overclocking ram, CPU and GPU?

Thanks for ur help!
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  1. To get the 2400MHz, you will have to OC it in the BIOS manually.
  2. Ahhh thanks mate so you think this is possible?

    As I asked before did u have a guide on how to so this safely if you have to play around with voltages and stuff?

  3. Well, there is really not much to it.

    Where u select the XMP, select disabled.

    Than go right bellow to the multiplier and select manual.

    And try that 2133MHz, but I don't think it will work, so go to 2400MHz

  4. Try and tell me what happened on both frequencies.
  5. thanks for your help! :)
    I'm away at the moment but I remembered that I also tried this for 2400 mhz by disabling XMP and using the multiplier set to 24x and that this appeared to work fine and after a reboot the status screen confirmed that it had worked and now showed 2400mhz with all the temps looking ok.however after another reboot a bit later it looked like it took longer than usual and then didn't switch on but just rebooted again and said there was a problem with the last boot and that it defaulted.from the status screen I can see it revered back to 1333 mhz again.cud it be I need to increase voltage to memory as this was only at about 1.2V
  6. The voltage is @ 1.5V - bump it to 1.51V
  7. Ok mate thanks I'll try that Thursday and mark up the answer if it works :)

    Did you happen to know what the safest maximum voltage I cud use is in case bumping it to 1.51V doesn't work?
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