Should i buy new razer deathadder or not?

Currently i have a4tech x7...... Should i stick with my mouse or buy a new razer imperator or deathadder. I mostly play cod mw2 and bf3 now a days. I am waiting for cod mw3 and was thinking to buy a new mouse for mw3. So what should i do? Stick with the old one or buy a new one?
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I have core i5 3.3ghz 2500 with 4gb ram and ati radeon hd 6770
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  1. Honestly, I think gaming mouses aren't worth it. Just stick with your current mouse unless it is breaking down.
  2. Thanks. I will think on it.
  3. Waiting for other people to comment
  4. i have the death adder. its not that expensive and fits your hand like it was made for it
    so imo definitely worth it
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