Computer shuts off from sleep now doesnt power up

Ok the computer was running like a dream, I had a 570 gtx that went down sent it in to get fixed, and MSI sent me a new one. I install it then the problems began. The computer would go into sleep mode, and upon waking up, would promply shut down. When I went to restart the computer it would flash on and off (all components) then would stay off. A few times only the fans would turn on, then it would start up, Bios would be reset, but it would work, then I decided hey maybe its something to do with sleep mode, so I came in pc powered up played a game or 2 then powered it down, now it is doing the same. I dont know, but i feel its my psu, I have a coolermaster 1000w silent pro, but i dont know how to tell if its bad or not. Anyone know anything that may get me rolling again?
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  1. Remove the video card and see if it works with just on board video (hopefully you have that).
    If you can, swap it out for a friends PSU and see if it boots up correctly (make sure the PSU has enough Wattage to run your system).

    Those would be the first couple steps to take if you can.
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